OBJECTIVE, BENEFIT & WHY lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing aims to make organization getting much more effective, efficient, safer, better, faster, cheaper and happier both in core process and supporting process, both Plant/site and office.

Lean Manufacturing build positive culture ,better engagement of employee in all level with detail approach on bottom level. KPI as a direction for all employee is set up on KPI Exact, KPI Proxy, KPI activity and KPI project. Each employee will focus on how to satisfy their internal customer based on SIPOC workshop. While each manager have to set up strategy to bring their department to be excellent in achieving company’s strategy deploying either from Balanced Score Card or Hoshin Kanri. Collaborate and synergy in a correct way during analysis Strategy mapping and SWOT analysis.

In Lean Manufacturing approach, we will support and improve the organization in the following example: How meeting for business Plan is conducted, making activity plan, and how effective and efficient PSDM (Problem Solving and Decision Making) when objective not achieved. Do superior level execute coaching in proper way and Human Capital develop performance appraisal in accurate and objective way .

How QA, procurement and Kaizen Department select, improve and evaluate Plant, vendor and subcont based on mutual beneficial supplier relationship principles.

How operational excellence minimize operational cost and reduce 11 wastes and 22 losses both in office and plant. How making plan and execute using TPM which strongest in building bottom up culture, plus specific effective tools from TPS, IATF 16949 and six sigma tools. How accurate the value stream, Jishuken based on pulling system, balancing one piece flow, visual management and implementing 5S able to leverage production capacity and OEE on World Class level.

How Autonomous Maintenance, Focus improvement able to boost the engagement and competence level of worker and foreman in shop floor. How to solve chronic problem more systematically using Phenomena-Method Analysis when QCC (Delta / Tulta), DMAIC are not able to solve it. How predictive, corrective and preventive improve availability, performance and quality of machine, equipment, forklift, hardware and software. How to implement SMED, JIT, Motion study Analysis, application of simple and advanced statistic such as CP Cpk, X- Chart, DOE, etc (based on condition) to improve productivity, Warehouse management and lean SCM also Production Planning and inventory control, logistic also the area need to be improve.

We also support Digital application such as MES (Manufacturing Execution System), ERP, HC- IT, E – kanban, Dash board visual management, etc based on need and condition.

So Lean Manufacturing focus on improving profit by reducing operational cost through minimizing and eliminating wastes and losses, COPQ (Cost of Poor Quality) and loss tree. Leading market using agile product development. Enhancing effectiveness in problem solving decision making , developing creative innovation, must be always stimulate and develop in all function, level and all phases across the company through SGA and Cross Functional Team.

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